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May Bank Holiday Saturday 30th April to Sunday 1st May 2016 . An Introduction to Archaeological Survey

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Bank Holiday weekend for we shall look at the ways in which archaeological sites are recorded including standing buildings. Scale metric drawing will be the main theme of the course but will also include optical site level work. On the Sunday you will have the opportunity to survey an impressive Roman and Anglo-Saxon sacred building at Stone Chapel just to the west of Faversham Cost  for members £25 (non-members £50)

May 30th to June 17th 2016 excavating at 'Villa B' at Oplontis next to Pompeii in Italy

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We will be spending three weeks in association with the University of Texas investigating the Roman Emporium (Villa B) at Oplontis next to Pompeii. The site offers a unique opportunity to dig on iconic World Heritage Site in Italy and is a wonderful once in a lifetime opportunity. Cost is £175 a week which does not include board or food but details of where to stay are available (Camping is 12EU a day and the adjacent hotel 50EU or Airbnb). Email Paul Wilkinson at info@swatarchaeology.co.uk for further details.

Five places left! - 15/02/2016

August 6th to 7th 2016. The Investigation of a substantial Roman Building at Sittingbourne in Kent

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A weekend investigating a substantial Roman building to find out its form and function. This is a newly discovered site confirmed by ground penetrating radar with tremendous potential and is one of the many Roman buildings earmarked by the Field School for further work. We have on our register a further six Roman sites in Swale District which will need similar research. Cost for the weekend £25 (Members free)

August 8th to August 12th 2016 Training Week for Students on a Roman villa near Faversham in Kent

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It is essential that anyone thinking of digging on an archaeological site is trained in the procedures used in professional archaeology. DrPaul Wilkinson, author of the best selling "Archaeology" book and Director of the dig, will spend five days explaining to participants the methods used in modern archaeology. A typical training day will be classroom theory in the morning (at the Field School) followed by excavation at a Roman villa near Faversham.

Topics taught each day are: Monday 8th August: Why dig?

Tuesday 9th August: Excavation Techniques

Wednesday 10th August: Site Survey

Thursday 11th August: Archaeological Recording

Friday 7th August: Pottery identification

Saturday and Sunday (free) digging with the team

A free PDF copy of "Archaeology" 3rd Edition will be given to participants. Cost for the course is £100 if membership is taken out at the time of booking. Non-members £175. The day starts at 10am and finishes at 4.30pm. For directions to the Field School see 'Where ' on this website. For camping nearby see 'accomodation'.

September 3rd to 11th 2016. Investigation of Prehistoric features at Hollingbourne in Kent

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An opportunity to participate in excavating and recording prehistoric features in the landscape. The week is to be spent in excavating Bronze and Iron Age features located with aerial photography and Geophysical survey.
Members free non-members £175

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